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RE Audio : Not Just Another Audio Company!

US Amps (parent company of RE Audio) has been, for over 25 years, well known for offering the most powerful
and reliable amplifiers for Sound-off competitions, serious ground pounding as well as audiophile quality systems. We, now as RE Audio, still Make classic, stripped down, contest busting “Competition” amplifiers. In addition we offer a complete line of Subwoofers and full featured products like separate component and coaxial speaker
systems that bring the unforgettable US Amps/RE Audio experience   to YOUR   ears!

For over 2 decades, US Amps has defined the standard of amplifier quality and power. Through these years,
some of the best systems were built on the rock solid reputation of US Amps. Now all amplifiers are still designed and engineered in our factory by US Amps’ founder and still Chief Engineer, Dirk Ecker.
US Amps’ amplifiers   always desired to be paired with woofers and speaker systems that sound the best, play the loudest and are most reliable Hard to find? Not anymore!   We at US Amps/RE Audio decided it’s best to design and manufacture our own subwoofers.

late in 2005, while US Amps had been in the process of developing its own line of Subwoofers, a speaker
manufacture   in Henderson Nevada called Resonant   Engineering came up for sale. Resonant Engineering had the reputation, machinery and people already in place. So US Amps jumped at the chance to purchase the
company. In 2006, The Resonant Engineering name was changed to RE Audio. All the machinery, parts and people were moved into our California facility. We are now proud that the majority (over 28 models) of all
subwoofers are manufactured by hand in our California facility, (MADE IN THE U.S.A.).

On or around the same time, all amplifiers under the US Amps brand name had been changed to the name
“RE Audio” for the ease of marketing and selling a single brand over that of two. We now operate under one roof and one name.
RE Audio’s staff is comprised of experienced engineers, designers and builders of recording studios and Dance Halls, seasoned musicians, ex-retailers and installers of car audio and home theater products. We know what the sound of music should be like and what sound reproduction is all about.

RE Audio will meet all your needs in regards to looks, performance and cost.   We will provide you with genuine power and accurately reproduced sound. We offer low frequency woofers capable of producing brutally low and loud frequencies and startlingly accurate sounding components for SQ or Competitions.
No other company offers a wider range of high quality purpose- designed products as we do. Take a listen! You will not be disappointed!

Phone : 626.330.0073

Fax : 626.330.0081

Mail : sales@reaudio.com

Address :
15131 Clark Ave. Unit C1
Hacienda Height CA 91745

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