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RE Connect Amp Install Kits
When you own the Worlds Best Amplifiers, You will want to use the Worlds Best Install Kits as well.This is where RE Connect Amplifier Install Kits come in. Choose from either 8 AWG, 4 AWG or 0 AWG kits. Also Available in 2 or 4 channel kits. RE Connect Kits feature 100% CCA Power and Ground Cables.
Model WK-8A WK=4A WK-0A 100 Ft. Spools
Cable Gauge 8 AWG 4 AWG 0 AWG 8,4 & 0 AWG
Interconnect Chs 2 or 4 2 or 4 2 NA
Supported Wattage 2500W 5000W 10000W Varies
100% CCA Yes Yes Yes Varies
All Silver Platting Yes Yes Yes Varies
Flexible PVC Yes Yes Yes NA
Full Manufacture's Warranty Yes Yes Yes NA
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