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RE Audio engineers have designed the TW-25 to perform as near to perfect as can be expected. Expect ultra-high performance from cutting-edge technologies that enable the widest possible dynamic range with the most linear frequency response possible. The TW-25 is thermally protected and is supplied with high-efficiency 12dB crossover utilizing high-grade mylar capacitors.


Technical Design Features

• 28(1.1") mm Soft Dome Tweeter
• 28 mm Oxygen-free Pure Copper Voice Coil
• Hexatech Aluminum Voice Coil Former
• UV-treated Open Weave Silk Dome Diaphragm
• Low-Viscosity Ferro-Fluid Cooling
• Highest Grade Neodymium Magnet
• Low Resonance Frequency - 1,500Hz
• Custom Back Wave Canceling CNC Aluminum
• Wave Guide Front Baffle for Optimal Dispersion
• Power Handling - 200W[Max]/100W(RMS)

The TW-20 Tweeter System contains two(2) 25mm soft dome tweeter units and crossover protection modules. The TW-20 is precision engineered to produce the highest quality add-on or replacement high-frequency energy for your system.


Technical Specifications

• Nominal Diameter - 1”(25mm)
• Nominal Impedance - 4 Ohm
• Frequency Response - 1,500-20,000Hz ± 2dB
• Sensitivity - 92dB
• Power Handling - 150W[Max]/50W(RMS)
• Mounting Diameter - 1.73”(44mm)
• Mounting Depth - 0.95”(24mm)

Technical Design Features

• 25mm(1") Soft Dome Tweeter
• Open Weave Silk Dome Diaphragm
• Hexatech Aluminum Voice Coil Former
• Low-Viscosity Ferro-Fluid Cooling
• Pure Copper Voice Coil Wire
• Highest Grade Neodymium Magnet

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